Launch Week Bonus Instructions

Wrong Turn

(Peri Jean Mace #10)

Knowing people are excited to read every new installment in the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers series is the highlight of my life. Really.

These launch bonuses are a token of my appreciation for all of you who purchase right away.

BONUS #1: 
An updated series cheat sheet.

Have you ever been totally stoked about your favorite TV show (or book series) starting back up, only to realize you don’t remember what was going on when the series left off?

Well, this cheat sheet should help you get your bearings before you read Wrong Turn.

Note: unless you like spoilers, don’t read the cheat sheet if you’re not current through Dark Traveler.

BONUS #2: 
More character profiles

When you purchase Wrong Turn during launch week, you’ll get another brand new character profile to add to your growing stash.

These profiles will be current. So they’ll contain spoilers if you’re behind on the series. In other words, read at your own risk.


You will have the chance to download an exclusive desktop/laptop wallpaper and/or smartphone wallpaper.

These gorgeous images are based on the Wrong Turn book cover and were professionally designed by Melinda VanLone of Book Cover Corner.

These bonuses are yours FREE and will be available right away when you purchase Wrong Turn before midnight on the 3rd of March.

Here’s how to collect your Special Launch Bonuses

  1. Pick up a copy of the e-book of Wrong Turn before midnight on March 3rd.
  2. Go to the table of contents inside the book. There’ll be a chapter titled “Bonuses.”
  3. Click the “Bonuses” chapter link, and you’ll see a web address where you can go collect your freebies. (Bonuses 1 & 2 will be downloadable through BookFunnel, which most of you are familiar with by now. There will be a link to Bonus 3 on the bonus webpage.)
  4. That’s it.

Would you like to get Wrong Turn for the low price of 99¢? You’ll need to pre-order it. The price goes up to $3.99 on release day—February 25, 2018.



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