Last Exit

Last Exit

A storm is coming, and hell rides behind it.

Series: Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers

Peri Jean Mace thought all the really bad mojo was behind her. But an unexpected tarot reading warns that the worst is on its way.

Within hours, the Coachman and a horde of ghostly warriors descend from the clouds. In a fit of violence and vengeance, they rip apart the homes of Peri Jean and everyone else in Sanctuary. But they won’t be finished until they steal Peri Jean’s magic to rip a hole between worlds.

Right after they kill her.

Peri Jean has no shot of winning, much less surviving, unless she can harness the full power of her magical abilities. But when she appeals to the one supernatural being who can help, he claims she’s not ready.

Running out of options, Peri Jean watches one nightmare after another attack her and everybody she loves. Can she step into her destiny before all is lost?

Last Exit is the eleventh and final book of the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers series. If you love urban fantasy with a street-fighting heroine who’ll spit in the eye of pure evil, you’ll love Last Exit.

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