Housing Update Though we’d hoped to close on our new house Thursday of last week, some things came up, and our closing was delayed by two weeks. Yes, really. It’s frustrating, but it’s also just one of those things. We are supposed to close next week. I’ll believe it when I see it. The worst part… more

This following article is presented for entertainment purposes. It is not intended as scholarly research or a final authority on the subject.  Last week, I talked about how I became homeless in the weirdest possible way and ended up living in a 19 foot RV in an RV park. (Homeless is probably not really the… more

The last time I posted was March of 2014–seven and a half months ago. Where did I disappear to? It’s going to take some word count to catch y’all up. Go get a cup of coffee and some bacon. I’ll wait. Back already? Let’s start with this: my husband and I decided to sell our… more

The following article is presented for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as scholarly research or as a final authority on the subject.    Howdy folks. Time for another installment of Original vs. Remake. This month’s movie is Romeo and Juliet. I’m doing the 1968 version. Tiffany A. White will do the highly preferable 1996 version.   I’m… more

Howdy, folks. Welcome to another installment of Original vs. Remake. This month’s movie is The Lone Ranger. I will be doing The Legend of the Lone Ranger from 1981. Tiffany A. White will be doing The Lone Ranger from 2013, which starred Johnny Depp. Set in mid-1800s Texas, the lone survivor of an ambush grows up to be… more