It Is What It Is

Housing Update

Though we’d hoped to close on our new house Thursday of last week, some things came up, and our closing was delayed by two weeks. Yes, really.

It’s frustrating, but it’s also just one of those things. We are supposed to close next week. I’ll believe it when I see it.

The worst part of it, I suppose, is that we’re going to end up living in a motel for at least three days and maybe more. I dread this for several different reasons.

  1. Motels are really expensive! (And I’m really a tightwad.)
  2. Getting organized enough to take only the minimum number of items to the hotel so it won’t be so much like we are moving yet again.
  3. Hotels and motels feel dirty, and I have a hard time with dirty. (Scribbles note to take some lysol to the hotel.)

In spite of the hassle (and my fatigue), I want to take this opportunity to say we have much to be thankful for. Its easy to focus on the negative. I challenge myself each day to note that for which I am grateful.

That’s it for the house update.

My Dumb Mistake

If I’ve learned one thing from this whole experience, it’s that I’m a crummy long-term planner. Granted, I had no idea this ordeal would rock on so long. But I still should have planned better.

Point in case: Texas is just now getting its first cool evenings and mild days. Guess what? Most of my warm clothes (read: not shorts and flip flops) are in storage behind a bunch of heavy crap.

(I know the stuff I want is inaccessible because I went to look last week, to see what I could get my hands on, and walked away nearly empty handed.)

Luckily, I foresaw the need for pants and did not pack away the four pair I own. Don’t make fun of how few pants I have. I have a tough time finding pants I’m willing to wear because….

I prefer pants long enough to keep me from looking like an extra from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Y’all remember the inch between the cuff of his pants and shoes? Those bright white socks? That’s the look I want to avoid.

On the flip side of the coin, I stupidly packed away my long-sleeved shirts and jackets.

The shirts are no big deal. I mostly purchased them from the men’s department at Walmart. I can buy a couple more cheaply–even though it breaks my flinty heart to spend the money.

The jackets, however, are another story. I spend money to buy quality jackets because they’ll last for years. The only jacket I have that is worn out and could be replaced is my heavy cardigan/sweater. It started out a beautiful chocolate brown–which looks great with my skin tone–but has faded and pilled to the point it no longer looks nice.

The short story is I decided to brave the stores to find a new cardigan or sweater.

The Horror! The Horror!

I knew I was in trouble when all the warm sweaters I found had no buttons. Let me say that again because I couldn’t believe it myself. The sweaters had no buttons. Or, for that matter, zippers.

I’m not sure how you pulled them together and, thus, held in your body heat. Or maybe they weren’t designed for warmth but, instead, for looks. If so, bah humbug.

The sweaters that did have buttons were as thin as a regular shirt. Why would anybody want these? Because they’re cute? Forget cute. I go in for utility, and there ain’t no utility in thin sweaters.

In addition to the buttonless look, apparently the wide, flare collars of the 1970s are coming back. Ugh again. I feel the same way about this as I did the rebirth of bell bottoms.

After seven stores, I finally found a sweater I could live with–even though it had a flare collar. It was only $25, so the cheapness sort of made up for the likelihood it’ll go out of style sooner than later.

It’s times like this I wish I were more skilled at crochet or could knit. I’d make my own damn sweater.

The thing for which I’m grateful is that I had enough money to buy a new sweater. It’s warm, and I’ll enjoy it…even if it does have a damn flare collar.

The moral of story?

Well, I don’t know if there is one. Sometimes life just is what it is.

Rightly or wrongly, I’m reminded of Willie Nelson’s “Me and Paul.”

Hope y’all are having a great week so far.





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