I’m Still Alive So Call Off The Dogs

The last time I posted was March of 2014–seven and a half months ago.

Where did I disappear to? It’s going to take some word count to catch y’all up. Go get a cup of coffee and some bacon. I’ll wait.

Back already? Let’s start with this: my husband and I decided to sell our house and buy a place we could call home. That’s the simplest, shortest way to put it.

Little did I know, the struggle was just beginning.

There were tons of obstacles to navigate just in order to put a “For Sale” sign in the yard of our old house (and to expect to actually, you know, sell it).

Movers had to be called in to get the house as empty as possible so it would be attractive to potential buyers. Then all the renovations and updates we put off (many of which had simply never been done since the house was built in 1981) had to be done.

I’d love to post before and after pictures–because the difference was absolutely amazing–but don’t feel comfortable doing so since the house no longer belongs to us.

The whole project–from “let’s sell this place and move somewhere that feels more like home” to signing the closing papers and turning over the keys–started in March (about the time this blog went dormant) and ended in early September. Seriously.

I was paralyzed by stress.

The process seemed endless. Spending so much money to renovate the house and not knowing how it all was going to turn out rested on my shoulders like a cast iron gorilla.

Even though I had a novel-length manuscript (Peri Jean Mace Book 2) in the editing stages, I basically quit writing. I just couldn’t think. My social media participation tapered down to simply talking to my tribe–a mixture of friends, family, and fans–on Facebook.

(By the way, the place online where I am most active is on my Facebook profile. Here is the link. I don’t necessarily accept all friendship requests, but I do have it where you can “follow” me and get all my posts.)

Selling the house was not “The End.”

Signing the closing papers on the sale of the house did not just magically allow us to ride off into the sunset. Once the house sold, we had nowhere to go.

Our local real estate market is very hot right now. An extremely busy housing market is great in a lot of ways.

The combination of the hot market and the renovations helped increase the value of our property. Our house sold in approximately twenty days and for above asking price. (And it was, quite literally, the nicest house we’d ever lived in at the time we sold it. Those renovations worked wonders.)

But there’s another side to a “hot” real estate market.

A hot housing market also means the good properties–the ones you want–go fast. We looked at three different places which sold before we could even think about making an offer.

Additionally, closing times on house purchases are about 30-45 days from the time the seller accepts a potential buyer’s offer.

Looking for a house within a fifty mile radius of the largest city in Texas has been a chore and an adventure. I could probably write a whole blog post just on that one thing, so I’ll drop it for now.

The bottom line is this: the day the sale of our house closed, we had nowhere to go. We didn’t even have an offer pending on a house we wanted to purchase. We were homeless in the weirdest possible way, with everything we owned in storage. Don’t even ask me what the storage costs per month.

(Homeless is probably not really an accurate word, as it usually means someone who is living on the street. What I mean is I am home-less. We have no home. No place to go.)

My folks saved my bacon.

If you interact with me on Facebook, you may have gotten to know my parents and extended family. They like to tease, but they are the best family I could ever ask for. No matter what, they’re always in my corner.

My dad loaned us his “hunting camper” to put in an RV park near my husband’s job. Since the sale of our house closed in early September, we have lived in a 19 foot RV. This has been an experience, let me tell you. (I have some ideas for posts on living in the RV park, so I won’t go into that here.)

The important thing to say is we are incredibly grateful to have somewhere inexpensive to live while we are in limbo and beyond grateful to have a family who is willing to help us.

I think that should get y’all up to date except for…

The Fate of This Blog

Even before I quit posting all together last March, my activity here had dwindled down to once a month for the Original vs. Remake series.

The reason is that the idea of blogging sounded worse than standing naked in a blizzard.

I’m not going back to writing the true crime and paranormal articles. Researching and writing them was a full-time job, and I made $0 doing it. And, really, no amount of money would be enough compensation for writing those articles because…I really want to tell stories.

That’s why I developed an online presence and started this website–to have a connection with people who might like to read my fiction. I just let myself get bogged down doing other stuff (including but not limited to writing non-fiction articles to publish on this website for free).

Which brings us back to the fate of this blog. It’s up in the air. No more non-fiction because of the time investment involved. I may not be able to make regular posts because of sporadic internet access (again, another blog post by itself).

(Update 12/10/2016: I wrote exactly one more blog post after this one. So I guess that speaks louder than any thoughts I had when I wrote this post.)

If you want to stay in touch, I’m pretty active on Facebook.

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(Update 12/10/2016: I did start writing again and published 4 Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers in 2016. Click Books to check it out.)

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