New Discovery: Banshee

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Howdy folks! Y’all know I love watching TV. Today’s post is all about a new TV show I’ve discovered. I had to share it because I figured some of you might be interested.

Today’s TV shows are like the movies of my growing up years. The writing is just fantastic. I’ve never seen richer characters, more layered story lines…or more profanity. (Which you know I love)

The name of this magical TV show is Banshee. 

The Basics


Banshee is a Cinemax original series which premiered January 11, 2013. It has been renewed for a second season.

One of the five executive producers is Alan Ball, the creator of True BloodBanshee definitely showcases Ball’s trademark grittiness, featuring a great deal of graphic violence and nudity. So it’s not a kid’s show. At all. 

So what’s it about?

The series stars Anthony Starr as a nameless ex-con who just got out of the can. Looking for his old partner in crime, who is also his ex-girlfriend, takes him to Banshee, a small town in Pennsylvania’s Amish country. He witnesses the new Sheriff’s murder…and decides to take over the guy’s identity.

The problems in Banshee itself quickly supersede our hero’s intentions toward his ex-girlfriend. The true ruler of Banshee is a ruthless crime boss who desperately needs to be taken down. The people of Banshee really need a Sheriff who is not afraid to take a stand. Our hero never backs down from a challenge.

But just when it looks like things are all wrapped up with a pretty bow, it turns out there’s more. The crime that put our hero in jail had to do with him betraying some Ukranian gangsters. And they’re looking for him.

(And Anthony Starr is, like, really hot. I may have to put him in my fiction.)

Sound interesting?

Check out the trailer for Season 1.

Where Can I Watch Banshee?

I’m watching the series on MaxGo. If you subscribe to Cinemax, you are probably eligible for this service. Just go to their website and see if your cable provider supports it.

My only complaint abut MaxGo is that Roku does not yet have a channel for it. So I have to watch on the computer or on my iPad. Yes. My life is hard.

I do hope Roku gets a channel for MaxGo soon. I’d love to share this show with my husband, who I think would just love it.

Otherwise, you can purchase the series from or on iTunes. Both are around $30 USD, but Amazon will give you both a digital copy and Blu-Ray as a package deal.



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