Celebrity Author Playlists: Julie and the Orange Karen Shuffle

Howdy, folks. Today I’ve got a Celebrity Author Playlist for y’all. Julie Glover is going to share her playlist for her short story, “Color Me Happy,” which appeared in the Orange Karen: Tribute to a Warrior Anthology.

Before we get to Julie’s playlist, let me tell you a bit about Orange Karen. This anthology is a tribute to Karen DeLabar–warrior, mother, and cancer patient. Proceeds from the sale of Orange Karen go to Karen and her family to assist with medical costs. Click here to read more about the  Orange Karen project.

Now, here’s Julie…

Julie and Working to Music

When I wrote Color Me Happy, a young adult short story for the anthology Orange Karen, I approached music as I usually do when writing. I didn’t play any.

I typically write in silence.

However, I included references to songs and bands in the story, and it was fun to hunt down music that fit the character of Seth Rayne—classic rock buff, devoted-Vans-wearer, and statement vegetarian. Here’s Seth’s my list:

The Playlist

Smokin’ by Boston. Boston’s self-titled debut album featured plenty of hits like More Than a Feeling, Long Time, and Rock ‘N Roll Band. But Smokin’ is my pick for the fun riffin’ song that gets your blood pumping. Plus, an organ in a rock ‘n roll song? I just love that.


Revolution by The Beatles. You can’t be a classic rock fan without loving The Beatles, can you? At least songs like Revolution, a harder-rock song from the White Album, should make the list.


Last Child by Aerosmith. Aerosmith has been making music for more than four decades. How many bands have stayed together that long and continued to produce hits? I admire their creativity, tenacity, and capacity to just rock out. Here’s a favorite oldie from 1976, Last Child, performed in 2004.


Love Song by Tesla. I’m not a big Tesla fan, but I was looking for love ballads and came across this one. Sometimes the best ballads are from hard rock bands, like Beth by KISS, Madrigal by Rush, and Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. Hope you enjoy Tesla’s Love Song as well.


We All Got Bruises by Train. Not a classic rock choice, but a favorite recent band of mine. And it fits with the story. The lyric, “We all got bruises,” certainly applies to the story of Seth and Tabby.


I Love the Night by Blue Öyster Cult. Blue Öyster Cult makes more than one appearance in Color Me Happy, but I wanted to include this particular power ballad. It’s a nice change of pace from the usual songs like Don’t Fear the Reaper and Godzilla. Here’s an impromptu  live version of I Love the Night.


Unchained by Van Halen. Van Halen never gets a mention or plays into the story. But Seth and I are both fans, especially enjoying the guitar solos by Eddie Van Halen. Here’s Unchained with lyrics that do apply and some fabulous guitar work, in a live version that starts with the David Lee Roth jump.


Even It Up by Heart. I simply can’t leave off without throwing some lovely ladies into this mix. Classic rock has plenty of awesome female rockers, like Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, and the inimitable Janis Joplin. But the Sisters Wilson have had a long career of bringing their pretty voices to rough songs and producing a great sound.


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