New Website and The Lucky Winner

Happy Saturday, friends and folks. I’ve got a quick announcement to make, and I’ll let you get back to your Saturday.

For months, I have been asking y’all to sign up for my blog via Feedburner because my website is moving. In return, I said I’d pick one person to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Well…the day has come. Within a few hours, navigating to will take you to a whole new dimension.

That means we need to announce our lucky winner. And the winner is…


I did not recognize this email, but it started with the name “emax.” So that’s what we’ll call our winner.

I have sent “emax” a confirmation email. He/She has one week to reply. If, by next Saturday at midnight CST, I have not heard from “emax,” I’ll pick another winner.

For now, those of you who chose not to subscribe via Feedburner but would like to continue reading my blog, please use the following address to update your chosen blog reader:

That’s it. Y’all have a super Saturday.

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