Last Exit to Forever Road

Today is the day you’ve either been waiting for or dreading. That’s right! I’m sharing my playlist for my recently released paranormal mystery, Forever Road.

I’ve had a great time seeing how each author approaches this feature. Some authors use the characterization in their novels as a basis for their playlists. Others approach the playlist like a movie, describing where each song would fit in if the book were to be adapted for the big screen. Still others use the music as a way to bring out their book’s themes. Some authors even share the music they listened to while they wrote.

After much planning and rejecting and thinking, I’ve decided to take the “adaptation for the big screen” approach. By now, some of my regular commenters here have read Forever Road (and left some wonderful reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads). I figured those who have read the book would enjoy this style. Perhaps it will entice those who have not read the book to give it a try.

Usually, when I have a guest, I post a picture of the book and the book blurb. However, since this is my blog, I’m going to assume you’ve all seen it. If not, click here.

The Playlist

I have long admired Quentin Tarantino’s–and to a lesser extent Rob Zombie’s–music choices for their films. Tarantino especially makes it seem as though the music is coming from a radio somewhere and not dubbed into the movie. I love his style because it makes the events in the movie seem even more real. So I went for Tarantino’s style when I put this playlist together.

Houston in Two Seconds by Ry Cooder

I listen to a lot of Ry Cooder’s music while I write. This was the song I listened to the most. It became the song that played in my head when I thought about Forever Road. If included in the movie, this would be the theme that plays in the background on and off throughout the movie.

Fall off the Wagon by 44 Long

This is the song that’s playing either on Peri’s or Chase’s car radio as they stand talking on the roadside.

I apologize for the lack of graphics on this video. There is a Jim Morrison tribute set to this song on You Tube if you’d rather watch that.

Brown Eyed Handsome Man by Lyle Lovett

This song is playing in the background when Eddie Kennedy tells Peri what he knows about the Mace Treasure.

This is Lyle Lovett’s cover of the classic by Chuck Berry. Unfortunately, I have to apologize for the sound quality. This was the only version of this song on You Tube, and I had to include it. Nobody, but nobody, sings this song like Lyle.

Balinese by ZZ Top

When Peri visits Long Time Gone, a band is playing classic rock (rather badly). This is the song they are playing. Only really really badly.

The real Balinese Room was a famous nightclub and dance hall in Galveston, Texas. It dated back to 1929 and was known for illegal gambling and its ties to bootlegging. One particularly colorful legend claims the Balinese’s owner invented the margarita for Peggy Lee. In the early morning hours of September 13, 2008, Hurricane Ike took it down.

Black Flies by Ben Howard

This is the song playing on Hannah’s stereo system when Peri finally decides to listen to what Hannah has to say to her.

(Thanks, Netta, for introducing me to Ben Howard. Just love this music.)

Beer 30 by Reverend Horton Heat

This is the song playing over the speaker system when Peri visits The Chameleon. It does not improve her opinion of the place.

Gospel by Charlie Sexton

Peri lives with her paternal grandmother whom she calls Memaw. In the course of events, Peri realizes she knows very little about this woman who raised her, and what she does know is warped by time and lack of perspective. When Memaw finally does tell Peri some truths about their family, this is the song playing in the background.

Cowboys from Hell by Pantera

When Veronica attacks Peri in the parking lot of Danner’s Landing, this song is playing.

I just had to have Pantera on my soundtrack. They are the best metal band to ever come out of Texas. RIP Dimebag.

Hand in Hand by Dire Straits

You know how a certain song always plays when the love interest is on the screen? This is the “love theme” for Forever Road.

I love this album and would argue that Making Movies is Dire Straits’s best album. You can’t go wrong with it.

Tin Pan Alley by Stevie Ray Vaughan

When Peri is at the street dance, the band plays this song. This is my all time favorite song by Stevie Ray.

To Live’s To Fly by Townes Van Zandt

Right after the story’s climax, Peri has a moment of clarity, an epiphany, or whatever you want to call it. This is the song for that moment.

Townes was a fantastic songwriter. His lyrics never fail to wow me, and this song always makes me think. Also listen to The Cowboy Junkies version of this song. It’s wonderful in its own unique way.

Just Breathe by Willie Nelson & Lukas Nelson

This is the song I imagine playing while the credits roll. Willie’s version of this song is a cover. The original is by Pearl Jam. I just thought Willie’s version fit Forever Road.

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