Gone Fishing!

Welcome to Friday’s Bitter End.  As you can guess by the title, there’s not much to see here today.  I’m taking a mental health day.  Sometimes you just need one.

Gone Fishing 2
Original picture by Lynn Kelley

Since you all went to the trouble to come over here, I’ll share a few interesting links that might keep you busy for about the same amount of time you’d have spent reading my post today.

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I plan to give my newsletter subscribers advance notice of any and all discounts.  I also plan to offer extended samples and sneak previews.  Other than that, I’m stumped.

Is there anything you’d like to see? Or don’t want to see? Let me know in the comments section.

Wild and Crazy Links

iTunes For Dummies – Editing Start and Stop Time on Tracks

Some movie soundtracks diminish the coolness factor of songs by including sound bites from the movie either before the song begins or after the song ends.

Click here for an example.

Using the techniques described in this article, I elevated the coolness factor of  tracks like this one by editing the start and/or stop time on the track.

Bob Crane’s Murder

This case fascinates me, but I will probably never do a feature on it.

Can’t quite place the name Bob Crane?  He starred as  Col. Robert E. Hogan on Hogan’s Heroes.

In 1978, Crane was murdered.  In his residence, police found sex tapes of Crane with various women.  The murder is still unsolved.

Check it out at:

Find a Death (my favorite)

TruTV: A Hero Called Hogan (more detailed)

Last Meals

Stacy Green recently ran a blog post on interesting last meals requested by infamous death row inmates.

I got interested in the concept and did a bit of research.  Two points of interest came of my research.

  1. I learned that Texas has discontinued the practice.  Click here to read story.
  2. Several websites have a catalogue of last meals requested by executed prisoners. Click here, here, here, and here to check it out.

And, that, my friends is the bitter end. Have a good Friday, and don’t forget to post your newsletter ideas in the comments section.

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