The Kind of Love That’s Trouble

Welcome to The Bitter End, our new Friday blog theme. Let me start out by explaining The Bitter End to all of you.

What is The Bitter End?

The Bitter End  refers first and foremost to the end of the week. I don’t know about y’all, but, when Friday rolls around, I am beat.  It’s the bitter end for me.

There is, however, a secondary implication. The bitter end suggests something not altogether pleasant, something that might be spooky or eerie, maybe even a little bizarre.   And that, my friends, is what I’m all about.  I love to find the lurid underbelly of any topic and read all about it.

The content will continue to cover true crime and paranormal topics.  However, I’ll also include other topics that offer a peek into the dark side.  Sometimes dark is funny; sometimes it’s scary; sometimes it’s sad.  Sometimes it’s the bitter end.

The Bitter End = Shorter Blog Posts

The biggest change will be the length and depth of my Friday posts. I will present a concise overview and a few intriguing facts.  When it’s relevant, I’ll include sources.  Those who are interested can embark on their own research project.

We are all busy people, and time is a finite resource. My promise to you is that my blog will take you less time to read than ever before.

Ready to see how this works?

This Week’s Bitter End:

The Kind of Love That’s Trouble

Obsession. The perfume might be sexy, but the emotion is not.  When ardor ripens into obsession, it strips away all reason.  It turns into the kind of love that’s trouble.

We’ve talked about celebrities victimized by an obsessed fan. Adrienne King, the lone survivor in the first Friday the 13 movie, lived in fear of a stalker. Dominique Dunne was murdered by one. So was John Lennon.  The end result of a fan whose love has gone too far is not pretty.

What does the other side look like?  How do these fans go over the edge?  The altered reality in which an obsessed fan lives is something most of us cannot imagine.  And that’s why I watched I Think We’re Alone Now.

I Think We’re Alone Now is a documentary which focuses on two people who are obsessed with the 80s pop sensation Tiffany.  I don’t think they’d call themselves stalkers, so I won’t.  I’ll let someone else be the judge.

Watch the trailer:

Jeff Turner, a 50ish  man, has Asperger’s syndrome and lives on medical disability. Tiffany filed a restraining order against him at one point. He describes himself as a close friend of Tiffany’s.

Kelly McCormick, a 30-something  intersexual,  became obsessed with Tiffany after surviving a serious accident.  In the documentary, McCormick talks about plans to begin a romantic relationship with Tiffany.  Serious plans.

The climax of the documentary shows Turner and McCormick rooming together in Las Vegas and attending a Tiffany concert. Both of them believe they have some special connection with the former pop diva.  The truth is something else all together.

The Bottom Line

Watching this documentary was not unlike watching a train wreck unfold.  It left me with a mix of emotions — sadness, horror…and a little shamefaced amusement.  It is a weird movie, one that definitely qualifies as The Bitter End for this week.

I watched the documentary free on Netflix.  It is also available on Amazon instant streaming and at

And that’s the bitter end.  


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