The First Blue Light Special

Welcome to the very first Wednesday Blue Light Special.

You might have noticed a few new things when you opened my blog today.  That’s right.  It’s a new year, and I’m making some changes.

The Header

The most noticeable difference is the header. Just like my other picture, it is a road stretching out into infinity.

I love pictures of roads fading into the distant horizon. Every time I come across these scenes in my travels, I snap a picture. I have quite a collection — as you may or may not have guessed.

My fascination with taking pictures of a road leading to an unknown, unseen destination deserves some explaining.

Long Roads and Dark Ends

That picture represents my journey in life. Everything I want is on that road. Everything I fear is on that road.  All I have to do is go forward and see what finds me.

“Ships at a distance have every man’s wish on board.” ~Zora Neale Hurston, THEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD

I always think about Zora Neale Hurston’s words when I look down a long ribbon of road.  Success and good fortune are sparkling mirages on the horizon.  I want them; I seek to find them.

But I also know about the darker side of the coin.

Failure waits on that road, too.  It is represented by potholes in the road, trash in the ditch, maybe even roadkill. My fears are shadowy monsters hiding in the bushes alongside the road, waiting for the chance to jump me.

In short, my destiny–good or bad–awaits on that stretch of road.

Because of all that, when you see my name online or at social media sites, you will likely see a picture similar to the header on this blog. It might be like the original, verdant and lush. Or it might be like the new one, stark and bleak.  Or it might be something all together different.

The words on the header are “Long  Roads and Dead Ends.”  I have my good friend and critique partner, Stacy Green, to thank for the header. She came up with it while we were brainstorming.  I thought it aptly described both me and what I write.

Blue Light Specials 

 Those of you who are regular visitors probably noticed that I did not say “Welcome to Wild Card Wednesday.” That is because the new name for Wednesday’s blog posts is the  Wednesday Blue Light Special.

I certainly won’t accuse any of you of being old enough to remember the Kmart Blue Light  Specials, but I’ll admit that I am. Kmart was known for its Blue Light Specials.

Blue Light Special? WTF?

Kmart Blue Light specials were a promotional tool introduced in 1965 and discontinued in 1991. The concept enjoyed another brief run from 2001 – 2002. It wasn’t seen again until 2005 and, then, only briefly. The store brought back the idea in 2009, running Saturday hour-long specials on select merchandise.

Here’s how it worked:

You’d be pushing your buggy around Kmart when, all of a sudden, an announcement would come over the loud speaker saying something like, “Blue Light special on aisle six.” Everybody who was anybody would beat feet over to aisle six and buy up whatever was on sale…even if it was expired hemorrhoid ointment.

Customers left the store feeling like they got a deal. Kmart made money.  The cosmic balance of the world was in line.

But What Does It Have To Do With This Blog?

I’m naming the theme of my Wednesday blogs after a discount store promotional tool because I am a discount store kind of girl.

On any given day, I wear at least one garment I bought at a discount store. Sometimes the entire outfit came from a discount store.  I love getting a good deal, and I find great stuff at the discount store.  Stuff I didn’t know I needed.

My Wednesday Blue Light Specials will be all about showing you–my esteemed readers–stuff you may not have known you needed.  I will feature authors, books, movies, music, and other cool stuff.

Sometimes the stuff I show you will be cheap or even free. Other times, the good deal is finding something new and cool.

Most of these posts will be shorter than what I’ve done in the past.  One of my gifts to you this year is extra time to look for your own Blue Light Specials.

And that’s really it except for…

A Big Thank You

I want to personally thank everybody who has bought Tales From the Mist.  We’ve enjoyed a lot of sales this month and even made it into the Top 10 of our genre category a few times.


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