My Favorite Female Sleuth

Welcome to Wednesday’s Blue Light Special!  Today, I’m reviewing a mystery series by Lori Armstrong that I really enjoyed.  I hope it sounds interesting enough for some of you to try it out.

How I Met Julie Collins PI

I came across Lori Armstrong quite by accident.  Last February, Murder She Writes blog published an anthology (which is now out of print).  I purchased the anthology mostly because it featured stories by both Toni McGee Causey and Allison Brennan.

I admire Toni’s and Allison’s work very for different reasons.  A fellow southerner, Toni makes me bray laughter like nobody else.  Allison flat out scares the tar out of me.  Her stories creep me out long after I read the last word.

Both Toni’s and Allison’s contributions to the anthology were well worth the purchase price, but I got an extra added bonus.  I discovered Lori Armstrong’s heroine Julie Collins.

How “Dead Flowers” Made Me A Fan

Lori Armstrong’s contribution to the anthology was titled “Dead Flowers.”  It starred this tough chick named Julie Collins who unapologetically chain-smoked cigarettes and dated the leader of an outlaw biker gang.  In addition to that, Julie Collins just happened to be a private investigator.

Julie Collins really appealed to me, and I couldn’t quit thinking about the story.  Imagine my surprise and delight when I figured out Lori Armstrong wrote four books about this Julie Collins chick.

I bought them all on Kindle.  After I rushed through the first one, I realized I’d have to use some restraint or I’d finish them in no time.  So I only allow myself to read a Julie Collins book every once in a while.  I’ve still got one left, and I hate to read it because I know that’s the last one.

About Julie Collins PI

The storyline follows Julie Collins, a thirty-something native South Dakotan, who is haunted by the unsolved murder of her Native American half-brother Ben.  While Julie tries to figure out who murdered Ben, she gets pulled into solving murder after murder.

Julie’s goes on a wild journey that makes her cross paths with sociopaths, crooked politicians, outlaw bikers, and misogynistic bigots.  This dark but funny heroine is more than ready to kick them all where it really hurts.  The books, while featuring murder mysteries, are really about Julie’s life.

I know I’ll be sad when I read the last page of the last book.

The Books

Here’s a list of the books in order

Blood Ties

Hallowed Ground

Shallow Grave


[Note: If you’d prefer to purchase the books from Barnes and Noble, go to Lori’s website for alternate purchase options.]

If you want to save about $6, all four books are sold in a bundle for $9.99.  Click here to find the bundle on Amazon.  I did not find the bundle on Barnes and Noble, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

If you’re curious about the series but scared to commit to the bundle, I suggest buying “Dead Flowers” for $1.99.  It is not included in the bundle, and, if you like it, you’ll probably like the other four books.

[Note: If you’d prefer to purchase “Dead Flowers” at Barnes and Noble, click here.]

Ms. Armstrong does have another series to which she’s still adding books.  I’ve not tried the Mercy Gunderson series, but it looks good.


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