Celebrity Author Playlists: The King of Dead

Welcome to Wild Card Wednesday and another installment of Celebrity Author Playlists.  Today’s guest is Todd Brown, who is one of my favorite authors.

Todd is celebrating the release of the fifth installment in his DEAD series.  The title of the book is Dead: Siege and Survival.  It is on sale as you read this.  Be sure to check it out.

dead siege and survival

Without further babbling ….

Here’s Todd!

cemetary todd 3

First off, I have to say that this feature of yours has become one of my favorites. I love seeing what other people are listening to as they write. Personally, I could absolutely never write in silence, music sucks me into that space I need to be in, and sometimes, I need it to nudge me into some pretty dark places.

A sure sign that I am working on something to do with the DEAD series is when you see my Spotify song selection ticking through the Future Sound of London selections. In particular, I tend to play Dead Cities more than any of their other work.

Herd Killing—this song has a frenetic energy to it and is really nice to come out of the gates with.

Dead Cities—“I had killed a man…a man who looked like me.” And with those words, the music begins. You can really feel tension and a there-is-something-just-around-the corner kind of vibe.

Her Face Forms in Summertime—This is nice for scenes when people are talking. Also, I used to refer to this as “Teresa’s Song”. I wrote all of her scenes from Dead: Winter to this cut.

We Have Explosive—Actually, I like to loop this under the entire Pink Floyd’s The Wall CD. It is perfect for Vignettes.

Everyone in the World is Doing Something—Half the time I don’t even realize that this is playing. It is really subtle. Eventually the ethereal vocals will register. I am usually in a real groove if I am just letting the album play. (I have this on CD as well and sometimes I play this album WITH one of Tangerine Dream’s Booster albums. They mesh well.)

My Kingdom—Music for people on the move. This is the theme for the Egyptian Vignette. I will run this on a repeat loop when I am working on that particular piece.

Max, Antique Toy, & Quagmire/In a State of Permanent Abyss—These three cuts are Jody’s music from the Vignettes. It just feels like a real cat-and-mouse theme. I still have not figured out where Jody figures in to the big picture, but I a=have a feeling that his story is going to get much bigger soon.

The rest of the tracks are just good for background so far. None of them have become attached to any particular story line

I also keep the FSOL 2 disc set Lifeforms handy in addition to having it in my Spotify FSOL playlist. If the DEAD series ever became adapted for film, my dream would be for FSOL to do the soundtrack. How groovy would that be to have an FSOL album based on your own work?!

Other than FSOL and Tangerine Dream, I keep a few classical collections on standby. Mozart’s Requiem is a favorite. It was used heavily during the Zomblog series and sometimes sees play during my DEAD writing.

I will say that I usually avoid music with words. I find myself becoming distracted. However, with my new “That Ghoul Ava” series, I am actually sifting through some 80s collections. It fits her, plus, I am going to try and use a song title for every chapter. The challenge is finding the right song once the chapter is about half to three-quarters done.

So there you have it.

Thanks, Todd, for letting us have a peek inside your creative process. Like you, I prefer music without words when I’m writing new words. You have introduced me to a whole new world of music here.

                                                                                                     About Todd

Todd (TW) Brown is the author of the DEAD series and the Zomblog series. He is also the editor for May December Publications with numerous anthologies to his credit as well as the full length works of authors such as Mark Tufo, John O’ Brien, Chantal Boudreau, Robert Dean, and Bennie Newsome.

You can begin your search of his available titles here:  http://www.amazon.com/TW-Brown/e/B00363NQI6

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