Celebrity Author Playlists: Magic in the Music

Welcome to Wild Card Wednesday!  Today we have another installment of Celebrity Author Playlists.  Our featured author is Meredith (Merry) Bond who writes both Regency and Paranormal Romance.

Merry will share a playlist she has created for her paranormal romance, Magic in the Storm.  (buy links are at the end of this post)

Take it away, Merry!

Thank you so much, Catie, for inviting me to be on your blog today. I have to say, not only did I have fun with finding music for this blog, but my entire family did! I made it a group activity this past holiday weekend and everyone got into it – even my husband who doesn’t really listen to music very much.

He enjoyed the search on the computer – looking for music about “storms” and “magic” – while my children searched through their own personal music collections and on “Spotify” looking for appropriate music.

I have to admit, my son came up with some very Inappropriate music but where the lyrics contained (mostly) the right meaning. He found a song called “Let’s Have Sex” which goes into rather graphic detail of exactly how a young man wants to have sex with his girlfriend. I nixed that one.

He found another which sounded, at first, like it was terrific, about two boys talking about how lonely and sad and disturbed their mothers were after one boy’s father left his mother and the other boy’s father had died. But it quickly went downhill from there, so much so, that I don’t think I can repeat here what the lyrics were, but let’s just say, it wasn’t quite right for either this blog or my book. J

However, we did find a number of songs that did fit in with my book, Magic In The Storm.

The book is about a young man, Morgan, who is destined to be the most powerful Vallen (a race of magical people often confused with witches) and the high priestess, but he doesn’t have the powers he should have because, yes, HE can’t become a high priestess, he’s male.

As this is a romance, there’s naturally a beautiful young woman involved. Adriana Hayden is an artist and somehow, after they meet when a storm blows a tree down on top of Adriana’s leg, Morgan’s powers begin to develop. He’s got one month to develop his full powers – until his 21st birthday – after which, if he doesn’t have all the powers he should, he will lose any powers he has.

So for music, I first went looking for historically accurate music, ie Regency music, since the book is set during the Regency in England. How could we have Regency music without a minuet by Mozart?

This next piece is a little late for the Regency. It was written in 1874, but it’s so perfect and one of my absolute favorite classical pieces. Adriana, the heroine, is an artist, so here is Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky.

Now we get into the more fun, modern music. I love listening to pop music, my daughter likes more edgy rock, my son, well, he goes for some really strange music, but he found some appropriate songs for me anyway. Here are what they found:

Naturally, one about magic: You Can Do Magic by America

At one point in the book, Morgan is rejected by Adriana. He makes a mistake in meeting another woman, but very quickly realizes that he’s done wrong.

Just like Akon in Birthmark:

And then a few of my favorite songs about falling in love:

DJ Got Us Falling in Love by Usher

Firm Believer  by The Spill Canvas

Die Young by Kesha

Dance Floor Anthem by Good Charlotte

And finally, the most romantic song I think I’ve ever heard which just turns me into a little puddle every time I hear it:

Everything by Lifehouse

I hope you enjoyed the music, I hope you enjoy the book! Thanks again, Catie, this was great fun, and  a neat family activity!

Available at Amazon: http://amzn.to/QTL82G

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/wxOT8X

All Romance ebooks: http://bit.ly/TXZ9LA

Find me on Facebook, on Twitter @merrybond, and at www.meredithbond.com.

Thank you, Merry, for taking the time to share your wonderfully eclectic playlist with us.

Readers, Merry will be around today to answer questions or just chat.  If Magic in the Storm caught your interest, be sure to check it out. 

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