They’ll Come Knocking At Your Door

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Welcome to Freaky Friday.  Our paranormal topic today is Black-Eyed Kids.

This urban legend, phenomena—whatever you want to call it—is new to me.  The information I have so far is pretty basic.

This story didn’t interest me much when I first encountered it.  The report I read mentioned aliens, and I don’t do aliens.  Without reading much more, I closed that window and kept trolling for paranormal topics.

That night, though, I had a vivid nightmare about these black-eyed kids trying to gain access to my home.  It really scared me.  The next day, I buckled down and researched the story.

The following is what I found.

1998:  Brian Bethel

Brian Bethel’s account is the most well-known in the black-eyed kids story.  It goes like this:

Brian Bethel worked near a movie theater.  One night, after working late, Brian was sitting in his car writing out a check.  A tap on his window interrupted him.

Standing next to Brian’s car were two young men, 10-14 in age.  The kids were dressed in normal, nondescript contemporary clothing.  In short, they looked like regular teenagers.

Though he had a gut feeling something wasn’t right, Brian rolled down his window and asked the kids what they wanted.  The kids said they’d forgotten their money to see the movie.  They wanted to know if Brian would give them a ride home so they could, ostensibly, get the money.

The way the kid spoke was off.  It was quiet, calm, and articulate.  There was none of the usual stuttering, stammering, or breaking up sentences that young people usually do.

As Brian tried to comprehend the unexplained fear he felt, he noted that the movie—which was the last showing of the evening—had already been playing for an hour.  These kids didn’t need to go home to get money.  Or, if they did, it wasn’t to see that particular movie.

Brian began to feel terrified.  His flight or fight response kicked in.  Despite that, he noticed that his hand was creeping toward the door—as though on its own volition—to disengage the lock.

As most of us do when confronted with denying another person’s request, Brian stuttered and stammered.  It was then that he noticed the kids’ eyes.  They were black, completely so, without pupils or irises.  Brian couldn’t keep his expression neutral.

Upon seeing Brian’s horrified expression, the kids became insistent, even angry.  They said they couldn’t get in Brian’s car unless he granted them access.  Finally, Brian sped away from the scene.  When he looked in his rearview mirror, the kids were gone.

 Common Themes

 I mentioned that Brian Bethel’s account is the most well-known.  Some people believe it is the oldest account of encounters with black-eyed kids.  This is not true.

David Weatherly, a long-time paranormal researcher, has written a book on the black-eyed kids phenomenon.  He reports encounters with black-eyed kids that go back to 1950.

[If you’re interested in reading David’s book, look in my sources for a link to purchase.]

All reports of black-eyed kids share certain similarities.  As I talk about these, I’ll refer to black-eyed kids as “BEKs” and their potential victims as “mark(s).”

It is interesting to note that reports of being harrassed by BEKs come from people of all walks of life and all ages.  There have been reports from military personnel, businesspeople, and teenagers–and everything in between.  It seeems nobody is safe from BEKs.

Physical Characteristics of BEKs:

  • The black “shark” eyes which have no pupil or iris
  • Ages: preteen or teen, perhaps 10-14.
  • Dressed either in nondescript, contemporary clothes or in very old-fashioned, ill-fitting clothes
  • Skin having an odd “plastic” look.  Some reports of olive-skinned BEKs exist, others are white.
  • Appear and disappear very quickly.  They also show up in places where it doesn’t make sense for them to be.  For example, one woman who lived on a 3rd floor apartment had a BEK show up on her balcony, knocking on her patio door.  There was no way for the kid to get up there other than to have scaled the building.

What BEKs Do:

  • They attempt to isolate themselves and their mark from the rest of the world.  For example, they want to get in the mark’s car or come inside the mark’s house.
  • They employ the ruse of being a child in need.  “I need to get to my mother” or “I need to call my mother.”
  • They communicate in a monotone voice.  They are articulate and confident, but will not answer direct questions.  They just repeat their request, getting more agitated with each refusal.
  • They use a form of mind control on their marks.

How it feels 

Marks from all walks of life report similar feelings during an encounter with BEKs.

  • Fear
  • That they are in the presence of evil
  • Flight or fight
  • Unhappiness
  • Hunted
  • Dread
  • Despair
  • Not in control.  Marks believed the BEKs were using a form of mind control.  One mark who had previously been hypnotized to help her quit smoking reported that talking to the BEKs felt like being hypnotized.  Many marks said they had a hard time refusing the BEKs requests.

Many encounters with BEKs end with the mark wanting to do something spiritual or religious in hopes of cleansing themselves of the BEK.

What are they?

The following is a short list of speculation on what BEKs–if they exist–might be.  If you’re interested in reading deeper explanations for any of these, please peruse my sources.

  • Alien-hybrids
  • Djinn
  • Ghosts
  • Demons
  • Changelings
  • Vampires  — BEKs share elements with vampire mythology: the need to invited into their victims home/car, the ability to hypnotize, the feeding off some aspect of victim.
  • Omens — many marks have reported having bizarre bad luck after an encounter with BEKs.

What Do BEKs Want?

Nobody knows.  The following are some speculations:

  • To feed on our fear
  • To take away our life force
  • To learn how to interact in the human world without raising alarm (this one goes with the theory that BEKs are aliens or demons from another planet or dimension)

What happens if you let them in?

David Weatherly’s book has a chapter about a family who let a BEK into their vehicle.  In the interview I watched (which is below in my sources), Mr. Weatherly did not say what went on during the family’s encounter with the BEK.  He talked mostly about the aftermath.

Very quickly after letting the BEK into their vehicle, the family had a car crash.  Their young son, who sat closest to the BEK, became very ill.  His symptoms were unidentifiable, having characteristics of many illnesses.

Other Strange Stuff Connected with BEKs

People who bought David Weatherly’s book have complained of technological weirdness while trying to read.  One woman was interrupted by her smoke alarm going off and the timer on her stove dinging.

On a personal note, the very idea of a black-eyed kid trying to talk its way into my home pinged my subconscious enough for me to have a very vivid nightmare about it.  And I mean I woke up on the verge of screaming.

I guess I’ll end this with a warning.  If you’re reading late at night and hear something rapping on your door or your window, maybe it’s best not to check.  If a kid asks you for a ride or to come in your house and use your phone, look at their eyes before you grant their request.  Listen to your gut.  That primitive part of your brain knows when danger is afoot.


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