What’s Next for Full-Tilt Backwoods Boogie?

Welcome to Wild-Card Wednesday.  We’re talking change today.  The bottom line is that things are going to have change around here.

Up until now, I’ve made all the choices regarding the blog.  But today I’m opening up for your suggestions.  This blog is, after all, for my readers.

The Big Change

For the last year and two months, I’ve scrambled each week to find a topic I thought would interest my readers.   I’ve had a blast digging up pictures of the real people and the real places featured in my blog posts.  The pictures part is what’s going to have to change.


One of my fellow writers recently ran into legal trouble for an image she posted on her blog.  She emerged alive, but with a pretty ugly ding to her bank account.

Wondering what I’m talking about?  No problem.  This is not gossip; it’s public knowledge.  Click here.  The link opens in a new page.

Go read.  Come back when you’re done.  I’ll still be here.

What this means for this blog

Because of this author’s experience, I am no longer comfortable posting images in my blogs posts.  From today forward, there will few–if any–pictures on this blog.

But what about stock images?

Yes, I can use stock photos.  Kristen Lamb, the guru and the goddess behind the WANA movement, has started the WANA Commons group on Flickr.  The group is compiling a bank of pictures taken by members for free use.  I’m grateful to have these pictures at my disposal.

In addition to that, there are many places where I can pay a yearly membership to access all the stock photos my little heart desires.

There’s only one problem.   Using stock photos is not the same as using photos of the real people and real places. The stock photos will add nothing more than “mood” to the article.

I’m not convinced it would be worth the time and energy required to

  1.  Find the exact right picture to break up the text in my article
  2. Make absolutely, positively sure the author doesn’t mind my using his or her picture

Instead of hunting for stock photos, I could just break up the text with bold headers and use bulleted lists when possible.  (Like I’ve done on this post.)

But You Write Really Long, Involved Posts

Yes, I do.  I have a few ideas so that my readers–the most important people to this blog–will not have to face two long, image-free blogs per week.

Idea #1:

I can focus on only one topic per week,  cut the article in half (or in thirds), and post it over the course of the week.

Here’s an illustration.  Last Friday, I talked about San Antonio’s wonderfully historic and haunted Gunter Hotel.  The word count on this post was 1500+ words.

So if I were to post the topic over the course of the week,  I’d divide this post in half.  I’d post half on Wednesday and half on Friday.   I would even be willing to divide a post in thirds and start the posts on Monday or Tuesday.

Now, this would mean we’d have only one topic per week.  So…when it’s time for the Original vs. Remake series I do with Tiffany A. White, the movie of the month would be that week’s sole topic.

However, I could talk more in depth about the movie.   I’ll include more trivia and fun factoids and even talk in depth about what, if anything, inspired the movie.  In addition to that reviews do allow for use of the movie poster, etc.

Idea #2

I can continue to present two topics for the week and just keep them as brief as possible. I always thought that part of my draw was the detail I used to present topics.  But I might be wrong.  Maybe you guys just come here for my unique wit.

If I dramatically shortened the length of my posts, I could include a “for more information” section of links.

Note:  I have to do the same amount of research and reading no matter how long or short the blog post is.  If I don’t fully understand a topic, I can’t write well about it.

After those two, I’m fresh out of ideas.

One More Thing to Think About

Now, we’re going to discuss topics.

Right now, my “signature” topics are the true crime and the paranormal posts.  Those fit my fiction writing platform, and they are the most important to me.

I also review books, movies, and music.  Occasionally, I even engage in pure fluff like recipes swaps, analysis of writing craft, and “what do you think?” posts.

What topics do you guys (and ladies) want to keep?  Is there some other kind of post I don’t do that you’d like to see?


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