Killer Kids: A Review

Welcome to Freaky Friday!  Most of the time, we only talk about one true crime case per Freaky Friday post.  Today, I want to tell y’all about a TV show that has introduced me to several true crime cases that were new to me.

The name of the show is Killer Kids.  It aired on the BIO Channel a few months ago.  I DVRed the series and didn’t get around to watching it until pretty recently.  For the purposes of this blog, I wish I had watched it sooner.  The subject matter of this series is something I believe would appeal to my true crime fans.

About the Show

Each episode of Killer Kids had a theme, and at least three murder cases were profiled.  Usually, there would be a case from the US and one from Canada.  The third case was sometimes an international case.  Many of the international cases took place in France, but a few took place in England.

There were eight episodes of Killer Kids.  I’ll give y’all a short summary of each episode and even tell you about one of the cases profiled in that episode.

Hate Killers

This episode examined hate-crimes committed by children and teenagers.

In the Hate Crimes Episode, the sad case of Sophie Lancaster was profiled.

Sophie was a twenty-year-old woman who was beaten to death in 2007 for dressing in the Goth style.  Sophie and her boyfriend, Rob, were attacked while out walking together.  One of the responding emergency professionals was unable to tell whether the victims were male or female due to the extent of their injuries.

Psychopath Killers

This episode profiles cases in which killers were either thought to have or were diagnosed with psychopathy.

It features the weird case of Canadian serial killer Peter Woodcock, a teenager who murdered three young children in 1956 and 1957.  Woodcock was placed in psychiatric care.

His therapy must not have worked because Woodcock murdered a fellow psychiatric patient in 1991.   In 2010, Woodcock died in the same psychiatric facility where he spent most of his adult life.

Baby Killers

This episode profiled cases of child murder, including infanticide, by teenagers.

In addition to the cases of young mothers who committed infanticide, the tragic case of Matthew Reid is profiled.

Matthew Reid was a 3-year-old foster child from Canada who had been with the same foster family since the age of 10-months.  The family took in an additional foster child about whom they knew little.

This new girl, a young teenager, suffocated Matthew on her first night in the home.  The girl was found to have mental disabilities.  Though she was known to have violent tendencies, the new foster parents were not told of the problems.

Occult Killers

This episode focuses on occult related killings perpetrated by children and teenagers.

It includes the odd case of Elyse Pahler, a fifteen-year-old California girl who snuck out of her parent’s home to meet three male acquaintances from school.  The boys–teenagers who had a heavy metal band–killed Elyse as a sacrifice to Satan so their band would take off.

An interesting feature of this case is that Elyse’s parents attempted to sue the thrash metal band Slayer because Elyse’s murderers claimed to have been influenced by Slayer’s music.

School Killers

Examines killings perpetrated by teenagers at school.

One of the cases profiled on this episode was the Pearl High School Shooting, which took place in 1997 in Pearl, Mississippi.

Luke Woodham killed his mother at home before he went to school and opened fire on his classmates and the teachers.  Three people died in the shooting.  Woodham is serving three life sentences, plus 140 years.   He will be eligible for parole in–get this–2046.

Apparently, all the signs that Luke Woodham had mental problems were there.  Before the school shooting, he had brutally beat and burned his little dog Sparkle to death.

Sexual Killers

Examines cases of young sex offenders who kill.

This episode profiles the story of Megan O’Roarke, the girl who lived.  After school one day, Megan (13) and her friend Melissa Walbridge (11) took a shortcut through the woods of Maple Street Park in Essex Junction, Vermont.

On the way home, the girls were approached by two males who forced them off the path.  Two teenage boys raped, shot with a BB pistol, and stabbed the two little girls.  Melissa Walbridge lost her life.

Megan found her way out to some railroad tracks where she was found by a worker who took her to safety.  Megan gave detailed descriptions of her attackers and was instrumental in their capture.

This case led to a reform of Vermont laws dealing with youthful offenders.

Group Killers

Looks at cases of kids who kill in groups.

This episode profiles the grisly murder of Anna Brackett, a California woman of 85 who was killed by two teenaged girls.  The girls wanted to steal Mrs. Brackett’s car.  After the murder, they were unable to find the keys for the car.  They left the car sitting in the driveway.

This book profiles the Anna Brackett murder.

Anna Brackett was stabbed twenty-eight times for doing nothing other than inviting two teenaged girls into her home.  The murderers were tried as juveniles and convicted of first degree murder.  To find out what became of them click here.

Family Killers

Each of the cases in this episodes profiles kids who killed their own families.

This episodes includes the spooky case of the Richardson Family murders, which took place in 2006 in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Both parents and their 8-year old son were murdered.  The murders were planned and carried out by the Richardson’s 12-year-old daughter and her 23-year-old boyfriend.

What sets Killer Kids apart from other true crime shows is that it shows interviews with psychologists who discuss the pathology behind the crimes.  The effectiveness of punishments and laws are also discussed.  This was easily the most interesting feature of the show.

I wouldn’t recommend a show and not tell y’all how to find it.  Go to You Tube and do a search with “Killer Kids” plus the full name of the episode you want to watch.  For instance, if you want to watch the Group Killers episode, your search should contain the terms “Killer Kids Group Killers.”


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