Ten Random Holiday Things

You’re at the right blog.  It is Freaky Friday.  We’re going to talk about what a freak I am today.

Some time back, I got tagged by both Stacy Green and Julie Glover to post ten random things about myself.  I had just responded to a ten random things tag, and I didn’t want to repeat myself so quickly.

However, that post ran a couple of months ago.  So…here we go again.  This is my holiday edition of ten random things.

Ten Random Holiday Things About Me

1.  Hot tamales always remind me of Christmas.  My Mamaw made the best hot tamales I’ve ever tasted.

Each Christmas (and Thanksgiving), along with the more traditional fare, was a huge pan of homemade hot tamales on the table.  One of my biggest regrets is not learning how to make them.

2.  I am finicky enough to make my own pie crust.  I do this with shortening and butter.  There is nothing like it.

3.  I don’t decorate for the holidays.  Some of it is laziness.  Some of it is that I’m a grinch.

The biggest reason, though, is that my house is so jam packed with furniture that I don’t have anywhere to put decorations.  My garage and attic are full, too.


The only way for me to decorate would be to put some of my furniture out on my lawn and cover it with a tarp.

4.  My husband and I own a collection of Christmas movies.  The most predictable title is probably A Christmas Story.  The oddest title is probably Less than Zero.

Watch the trailer:

5.  I love Tang Spiced Tea.  I think it’s a southern thing.  People used to give this delicious concoction in decorative jars as Christmas gifts.  I haven’t gotten any for years, though.

I never make it because I don’t know anybody else who likes it and I can’t drink as much as the recipe makes.

6.  I do most of my holiday shopping on Amazon.com.

7.  I own exactly one album of Christmas music.  It is Twisted Christmas by Twisted Sister.

“The Christmas Song” by Twisted Sister:

8. I want to go to Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, Texas one year.

9. I’d really like to get my Pomeranian a pair of antlers to wear at Christmas.

I won’t do it because my mother threatened to whip me if I did that to my dog. I believe her.

10. I love it when people give me homemade food–especially sweets–as a Christmas gift.

Forget the candles, the bath salts, and the flannel pajamas. All I need is fudge.

Next week, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming. I hope you’ve all had an awesome holiday weekend.


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