Sexy 80s Party: Halloween Edition

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It’s Wild Card Wednesday. Anything can happen.  It’s time for a Sexy 80s Party: Halloween Edition.

For Sexy 80s Party: Halloween Edition, we’ll look at three of my favorite sleazy and cheesy 80s horror movies. I’ve got a platter of those pumpkin shaped tea-cakes, some candy corn, and some wicked punch. Let’s break out the pizza and fire up the VCR.

The Wraith (1986)

This one stars Nick Cassavettes, Sherilyn Fenn…and Charlie Sheen.  No kidding.  This was back before he started Sheening it, so he’s pretty good.  Randy Quaid plays the sheriff.

Summary:  A gang of thugs with a stable of souped-up hot rods intimidates people into un-winnable street races and steals their cars.    One night, the thugs meet a car they can’t beat.  The race ends with one of the thugs dead and the gang’s hot rod blown to bits.  As the phantom driver defeats and kills them one by one, the thugs realize they aren’t dealing with a human.  Has one of their victims come back for revenge?

Here’s the trailer:

Fun Factoid:  Nick Cassavettes is the son of director and actor John Cassavettes (Rosemary’s Baby) and actress Gena Rowlands (Gloria, Hope Floats).  Nick Cassavettes went on to direct The Notebook, in which his mother, Gena Rowlands, played a role.

Availability: Buy it on   Buy it at iTunes.

Night of the Comet (1984)

This one stars Mary Catherine Stewart (who was also in Dudes), Kelli Maroni, and Robert Beltran.

Summary:  A comet turns everybody who stands outside to watch it into red dust.  Two valley girls survive and think they’re the only people left on earth…until they find the zombies.  Can they keep from getting eaten alive?

Here’s the trailer:

Fun Factoid:  Writer/Director Thom Eberhart chose Kelli Maroni for her role after seeing her play a spirit bunny in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Availability: Watch it free on Netflix Streaming (subscription required).  Buy it on

976-EVIL (1989)

This one stars Stephen Geoffreys, Patrick O’Bryan, and Sandy Dennis.

Summary: A bullied nerd discovers a hotline to Satan when he calls 976-EVIL for an occult themed fortune telling.  Through repeated calls to 976-EVIL, the nerd gets revenge for all the torment he’s suffered. Is he on the road to becoming a cool kid or is he on the highway to hell?

Here’s the trailer:

Fun Factoid 1: Back in the 80s, 976 was a premium rate telephone number. It was largely replaced by the 900 number system.

Fun Factoid 2: Robert Englund, who is best known for his role as Freddy Krueger, directed 976-EVIL.

Fun Factoid 3: The alternative band Deftones has  a song named after 976-EVIL on their Diamond Eyes album. Click here to listen to it.

Availability: Buy it at   Buy or rent it on iTunes.



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