Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Me

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It’s Me-Me Monday.  I’ve been tagged by both the darkly funny Pam Hawley and the Celtic history guru Kate Wood for the 10 Random Things game.  What better day than Me-Me Monday to talk about me?

Here goes:

1. I don’t like soft drinks, or sodas, or pop.  


    Where I come from–Texas–all soft drinks are called “coke.”  Your hostess will ask if you want a coke.  If you say yes, she’ll ask what kind.  I always ask for water.  To me, soft drinks are sickeningly sweet–even the diet ones.  I can’t stand the taste.

2. I love the bad guy as a protagonist. 

      Among my favorite TV shows are

The Sopranos

Sons of Anarchy


Boardwalk Empire

      .  Some of my favorite movies are



Pulp Fiction

The Devil’s Rejects

3. I make up biting nicknames for people.

      This is a hard one to explain, so I’m going to let one of my all-time favorite TV good/bad guys help me out.

Unlike Sawyer, I am polite enough not to say them to people’s faces. My husband and I talk in a kind of code using these nicknames. The man wearing the short-shorts and displaying his hairy chest with an open necked shirt is Magnum. The woman with the sunhat is Minnie Pearl. The kid having a tantrum is Brass Monkey.

4. I have a soft spot for toy-sized dogs.


    They may be armpit terrorists who yap endlessly, but I can’t resist those cute faces. Small dogs have these ginormous personalities trapped in teeny-tiny bodies. They never fail to make me laugh…no matter how much trouble they are.

5. I prefer to eat my own cooking than to eat restaurant food.


      It is very seldom that I go to a restaurant and am impressed with the quality of the food. Most of the time, I am certain I could have cooked something better at home. Our yearly eat-outs occur on vacation or at other times when I don’t have access to a kitchen.

That I know my kitchen is clean is a factor. That I don’t like being called “honey” by waitresses young enough to be my daughter is another factor. That I can cook four meals for the price of one restaurant meal is yet another factor. But the larger issue is that I genuinely like eating my home-cooked food better than I like eating restaurant food.

6. At 38 years of age, I already own my cemetery plot.


    No one here gets out alive is the truth. There’s a cemetery in Trinity County, Texas where my family has been buried since the 1800s. In fact, my ancestors started that cemetery. That’s where I own a plot, and the idea of being buried there is a Big Deal™ to me.
      Fun Factoid No one here gets out alive is the title of

the first biography

      written about The Doors. The line comes from the song “Five to One” by The Doors.

7. My love of espresso and espresso drinks convinced me to buy an espresso machine.

Cafe Venezia by Breville
        Yes, it was pretty expensive. However, I consume one large-sized latte seven days a week. Some days, I have two. The local coffeehouses (like Starbucks) charge $3.75 with tax for this delicacy. If I were to drive to the coffeehouse seven days a week for a large latte, a years’ worth of lattes would cost me $1,375.

Of course, to buy into this rationalization, I have to ignore the fact that there’s no way I’d drive to the coffee house seven days a week to buy a large latte.

If any of you are looking into purchasing a mid-priced espresso machine and want to hear my experiences with Breville’s products, please let me know. We can discuss it via email.

8. I am an adrenaline junkie.

        My favorite way to get the adrenaline pumping is fear. Deserted public bathrooms are a great place to get scared. Once that door closes, you’re on your own.

In Texas, we have a few road-side public bathrooms still in operation. These are really scary places because they just might be deserted. They are little pockets of potential horror–depending on what kind of imagination you have.

My favorite road-side restroom is a little past the halfway mark on the hundred mile trip to my parents’ house. Each time I visit my folks, I stop to use the toilet even if I don’t really need to. While I’m going about my business, I make up stories to scare myself.


The stories are usually about serial killers hiding in the stalls or stalking me from the woods–because the place is surrounded by a thick pine forest. By the time I’m walking to my truck, my heart is pounding and I’m looking over my shoulder. And I’m having fun in a creepy way.

9. I love the combination of pink and chocolate brown in garments.


10. Heroes who fight bravely even in the face of sure death touch my heart.

Todd Beamer and the passengers of Flight 93 were American heroes
        Todd Beamer and some other brave Americans found themselves in an unwinnable situation on September 11, 2001. They were aboard United Airlines Flight 93 when terrorists hijacked the aircraft.

Beamer was able to place a call to inform the outside world what was happening and how he and other passengers planned to stop it. Beamer said his group was going to jump the hijackers and fly Flight 93 to the ground in order to foil the hijackers’ plans. His last audible words were, “You guys ready? Let’s roll.”

Even though Beamer and the other passengers knew they were about to die, they didn’t give up and they acted bravely.


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