Some Things Never Change

It’s Me-Me Monday again, but I’m hoping to hear from you–my readers.

Have you ever noticed how your tastes change as you age?  When I was a kid, I thought Fonzie was cool.  The Dead Milkmen (a band) were totally awesome.  So was wearing paint-splattered clothing.  I had questionable taste.  Luckily, I grew out of it.

There are some things that I still like, though: 38 Special, The Lost Boys, Stephen King…and Julia  Sugarbaker.

Julia Sugarbaker was a character played by Dixie Carter (1939-2010) in the television series Designing Women.  Designing Women ran seven seasons from 1986 to 1993.

The show chronicled the working and personal lives of four women who owned an Atlanta, Georgia interior design firm.  The show dealt with some–at the time–controversial themes, such as homophobia, spousal abuse, societal attitudes toward the overweight, and racism.


One element for which Designing Women became known was Julia Sugarbaker’s tirades.  She went on at least one per episode.   Just about anything could set Julia off.

In this one, she blasts a Georgia beauty queen who has made fun of her sister, Suzanne (a former Miss Georgia World).

Perhaps the appeal was that Julia always had a mouthful of words at the ready. Maybe it was her confidence. She pulled these fits with seemingly no remorse.

I grew up in the South, too, but I was always taught to be nice and polite at all costs. A lady never shows her…hiney.  Julia didn’t follow those rules. She just let it fly.  Whoever got in the way better have on a flame retardant suit.

In this one, Julia tells off an unwanted suitor:

Every woman in the world has met Ray Don. I’d be willing to bet some of the better looking men have met Rae Dawn. They buzz around like a gnat, but you can’t swat them and squish them. You have to smile and make nice…unless you’re Julia Sugarbaker.

Imagine if you were as quick on the draw as Julia Sugarbaker. Which one of us haven’t ended an encounter and thought, “I wish I had said…” You can bet that never happened to Julia Sugarbaker.

In this one, Julia tells off the jury who won’t vote so they can all go home:

Fun Factoid: Dixie Carter, a conservative, wasn’t always happy with Julia Sugarbaker’s left-leaning commentaries. She made a deal with the show’s producers that for each tirade she delivered she got to sing a song on air.


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