Monday Mash-up and Pimp Bash

It’s Me-Me Monday.  Welcome to my mash-up and pimp bash honoring my fellow bloggers who also write fiction.

Something you may not know about me:  I write paranormal (or supernatural) mysteries.  Most of my online pals are also fiction writers.  They write anything from YA to Thrillers to Romantic Suspense to Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi.  They’re a talented, dedicated bunch of folks.

Writers are intense.  They skip meals, favorite TV shows, and movies they really want to see…just to write some more.  They approach their craft like a gunslinger approaches high noon–all in, for better or worse.


Blogging adds a whole level of challenges and rewards to writing fiction.  For one thing, it makes life even busier. Being “on” all the time is a dirty job. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell dancer from the dance.  Those who both blog and write fiction with grace deserve recognition.

The following are some of the hardest working writers I know. Please visit their blogs…and leave a comment.  They love to hear from you even if it’s an old post.

Note: Each link should open in a new window.

Thriller Thursday: Unsolved Murders —  Stacy Green does something True Crime-ish every Thursday.  It may have a supernatural twist…and it may not.  Stacy does great research, and she’s my crit partner.  She’s also a heck of a Twitterer.

Thunderball — Piper Bayard and her writing partner Holmes (who’s a real-life spy) have an ongoing series profiling James Bond movies.  I am not a James Bond fan, but their commentary on these movies is so interesting it doesn’t matter.  Piper is also an excellent Twitterer.

The Undeciphered GrimioreGene Lempp writes the Designing from Bones series each week.  He uses history, archeology, legend, and myth to challenge storytellers to tell better stories.  Gene is an even nerdier researcher than I am, so it’s well worth a trip to his blog to see what he’s up to.  He’s also bang-up twitterer.

Friday FaBOOolousness – The Boo Factor: Fright NightTiffany A. White is a TV and movie nerd.  The post I’ve linked to is actually a couple of weeks old, but I loved it because Tiffany did such a great job of talking about one of my old favorites.  And…Tiffany is another great Twitterer.

Twitter Tuesday–The Twuth Will Set You Free — Kristen Lamb is the It Girl when it comes to social media.  If you’re trying to build an online presence, her blog is where you need to be.  This blog is a great one because it inspired me to start saying “twuck you.” Kristen Lamb, like my other pals, rocks the tweet.


Here’s a little working music for you:


Yes, I know I use this one repeatedly.  I love it so much, though.  I’m forever a flat-bellied teenager with no wrinkles or gray hair when I listen to this.

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