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It’s Wild-Card Wednesday, and anything can happen.  Last month, we had ourselves a Sexy 80s Party.  I’ve just gotten done being grounded, and the folks are gone to Barbados.  Let’s just say I’m ready to roll.  Today is Sexy 80s … Read the rest →

It’s Wild-Card Wednesday. Anything can happen, so brace yourselves. Today, we’re going to a place called New Granada, Colorado. The year is 1979. Cheap Trick is singing “Surrender” on the radio, and we’re bored. Really, really bored.

The following article is presented for entertainment purposes only. It is not intended as scholarly research or as a final authority on the subject.  It’s Freaky Friday, and true crime is in the air.  How about one of those based-on-a-true-story movies? … Read the rest →