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Bonus #1:

Series Cheat Sheet

Think of this series cheat sheet like the “previously on” reel for your favorite TV series when it comes back for the new season.

You’ll find reminders about continuing storylines, reminders about what happened in the last book, and reminders of who people are and how Peri Jean Mace met them.

This cheat sheet contains spoilers. It gives away plot points. It ruins the surprise. If you haven’t yet read the entire series, read this cheat sheet at your own risk.

Download your copy here.

Bonus #2:

Character Profiles

You get two character profiles compiled by Annetta Ribken, content editor for the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers.

These profiles are quick thumbnails, each showcasing a single character. They include character personality insights, physical descriptions, and more!

These profiles contain spoilers. If you’ve not read the entire series, they may ruin the surprise of certain plot points. Read at your own risk!

Download your copy here.

Thanks for downloading Crossroads and for being a Peri Jean Mace fan!

The next book will be out July 2017. The tentative title is Dead End.

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