The Big Vote

Welcome to Freaky Friday.  The freakiest thing here today is that I don’t have a paranormal or true crime topic to share.  Instead, we’re going to pick up our discussion from Wednesday.

The outpouring of kind words about my work on this blog both surprised and touched me.  I figured people would be more upset about my blogs going to a picture-free format. That you come here to read my words absolutely floored me.

The consensus I got from Wednesday’s discussion is that you–my esteemed readers–want to continue to have in-depth exploration of topics.  So that’s a done deal.

Several commenters said they wanted me to continue to review books, movies, and TV shows and to continue to have the occasional fluffy post.  So that’s a done deal.

Now for the vote.  This is a pretty simple matter.  It boils down to two things:

  1. We can continue with two long posts per week–one on Wednesday and one on Friday.    The topics will be the same ones you love.
  2. We can go to 3-4 shorter posts per week.  The topics would stay the same.  I would just be splitting the two usual posts into multiple shorter posts.

So…without further ado…here’s my poll.  Pick what you want and vote for it.  Majority rules.

I did not put a time limit on the vote because I wanted people to have all weekend to vote.  So consider the poll closed on Sunday, July 29, 2012 at midnight CST.

And, remember, nothing we decide here today is set in stone.  If you decide at any time the format of this blog is not working for you, use my contact form and let me know.  You guys–my readers–keep this blog alive.  Your opinion matters.

Floor is open.  Go vote.  Leave a comment if you want.  Be sure to have a good weekend.  

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31 thoughts on “The Big Vote

  1. Voted! I like the current format. That way I can read the whole thing at once when I have a few minutes – usually in the afternoon or evening. BUT — I will say that whatever way you decide to go it should be the easiest for you. I love reading your posts and will keep coming back regardless of the set up. :-)

    • What Rhonda said. But really, do what works for you – the content will be great whether it’s all in one chunk or split up. I also agree with what people were saying about the pics – while they do add something to your posts, it’s what you write about that keeps me reading (even if I don’t comment often).

  2. I’d like to see as many blog posts as you feel comfy with, in whatever format that suits you. You could always do a mix of the two formats: 2 longer posts during weeks when you feel compelled to go in depth on particular topics, and shorter posts when you’re busier or have less intensive topics in mind. I love giving myself flexibility, but if scheduled posts work better for you, go for that! (Gee, so helpful, right? LOL I’m sure I’ll love your posts regardless. ;))

  3. It’s so fascinating to see how Roni Loren’s post on pics on blogs has spread throughout the blogosphere. I dont mind pic-free posts but I do love shorter posts vs. long ones. I think, as August pointed out, that you should do what you love and feel comfortable with. You have built it – they will still come :)

    • I could not agree more, Donna. Roni and her experience changed the way I’m going to blog from now on.

      I’m like you. I like either short posts or posts with a lot of “stuff” to break up the text. I have a very hard time reading a big chunk of text.

  4. Voted!! I knew people were visiting your blog for the content. :) Don’t be so surprised!! We love our Catie posts!!

  5. It’s the in-depth coverage of topics and the voice of your blog posts that keep bringing me here (plus your pretty picture :) ). When I read about a subject on Full-Tilt Backwoods Boogie, I know it’s been well-researched, thought out, and presented … and I get your unique voice to boot.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Julie. This week has surprised me. And people don’t usually surprise me. So that’s kind of nice. 😀

  6. I think what your readers are telling you is that we like your writing. If you write it, we’re gonna read it. Period.

  7. on ,
    Karen McFarland said:

    Catie, it’s really up to you. It seems like a lot of people are re-assessing their writing time vs. blogging time. Do what you feel is to your benefit and what is comfortable for you. Write and they will come! :)

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Karen. The time factor is a good point to bring up. If I were posting blogs 4 days a week, I would be here interacting 4 days a week. That’s quite a bit more chit-chat than my usual.

  8. I voted to stay as is. Frankly, when posts span more days, I feel bad if I can’t get back to the author’s blog and comment on both. It ends up in that list of “I’ll go back when I have the time.” I don’t want that to happen to your blog. If I’m coming over, I’m spending my quality time with Catie!

    • Thanks for voting for what you really wanted, Jess. The reason I made the poll, the reason I gave y’all the opportunity to weigh in is that this blog would be nothing without the people who come to read it. So I want it to be as close to what y’all want as possible.

  9. Catie, your content rules, sure the pics and videos accentuate it but it is your voice and the spectacular job you do on research that make your posts compelling and fun reads. That said, do what works for you, there is nothing that says you can’t mix it up as you want – it is your blog and platform after all. I voted for the long posts but will keep coming back no matter what you decide, simply because your posts are great (especially the hauntings and history ones, love em!).

  10. “I will follow you. Follow you wherever you may go…..deedeededlee dee dee” Oh sorry traveling across Nebraska and totally bored and slap happy! :)
    Love your posts. Keep writing! I like the two longer ones.

    • I would hope the weather is cooler in Nebraska than it is in Texas. Sheesh, it’s hot here. I’ve never been to Nebraska and all I know of it is the Brandon Teena murder.

      Thanks for your kind words and thanks for voting.

    • Thanks for voting, and no problem on the lateness. The vote runs through midnight tomorrow night.